Taking care of the website is like taking care of the garden

What website and garden have in common?

In theory nothing, nothing at all. But after a closer look you can find some similarities.
Just imagine, you have a new garden, designed by great landscape designer. You have few small trees, some flowers, smaller bushes, nice and green grass.
What you do to make it look great as long as it’s possible? You’re taking care of it, you water it, from time to time you can cut here and there or call a gardener to help you out with maintaining it.
Maintenance is the key word here. With garden and with website you need to perform periodic maintenence to keep it working/looking well.
The look of your garden depends from many factors like weather, life cycle, season etc, but if you take care of it best you can, thant it looks good all the time. If you don’t take care of it wit starts to live it’s own life… I bet you saw many abandoned green spaces which went wild…
It’s similar with websites.

How to take care of website?

It’s really easy. Firstly it is safe to do a backup, once in a time depending how often you update it. Internet is really a quite wild place and you need to take care of your website to keep it in shape all the time, not allow it to go wild…


Very important thing is to perform updates. If website is ok and if you did the backup before you can perform the update. What you should update?
Wordpress is so customer friendly that in the dashboard you will have all the information about needed updates. The only thing you need to do is to click @update@ and wait few seconds and… check if the website works. In 90% nothing bad should happen. If it does you have always your backup ready to restore. (how to make a backup)

What are updates for?

internet is very dynamic environment and to keep up with changes developers need to update plugins, CMS’s to make the best of internet possibilities and to keep it safe from any threats.
Update will not only help you with keeping your website nice and functional, but may also prevent your website from being hacked.

What will happen if I won’t perform updates?

Well it won’t be the end of the world, but there are few scenarios which I will cover in another post soon.

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