Website redesign for textile and wallpaper designer

After going back to UK, Justyna Medon, surface designer, London’s School of Communication graduate decided that she needs website redesign. During last few years her experience and portfolio grew, therefore she needed her website to be more functional. The website is still ‘work in progress’ as we are looking for best solutions.

First one was Event calendar for Justyna’s workshops she runs in Bristol. It was an important part, because her workshop take place in few diferent venues, each is promoting it by their own channels so there was a need for a place where all would be gathered.

Everything what Justyna does is very visual led, what can be seen on her Instagram which she updates regularly.  To use this fact and not add any more work with updating images on the website I added Instagram feed on homepage, so visitors may see straight away what is happening.

Recently Justyna started to sell her artprints via Etsy. Adding new products to Etsy shop takes some time, so not to double this work  in Artprints section  I’ve added thumbnails of Etsy products so viewer can not only see images, but also buy products.

In near future there is a plan to start a meetup devoted to interior design, to keep all thing in one place I plan to add meetup integration plugin so the Website will be still the centre of information.

Justyna also curated few textile focused exhibitions and soon she’s planning new ones. This is why next step would be a nice and functional form for submitting designs for the show.

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