Website redesign for corporate client

I was invited to prepare redesign of corporate client website. I had to work within strickt brand guidelines as the company has established brand recognition worldwide and want to keep it’s integrity.

As the original website have a lot of content and is very complex, they wanted just partial redesign of the most important services section, to increase  conversion rate.
It was a client I was working with before, so I knew how they work, what kind of style they are after.

Working within strict guidelines was bit limiting, but forced me to play smart with information architecture and content hierarchy.

As the company offers wide range of services in B2B model, main task was to cut long lists of services into digestable chunks gathered under categories. The original structure of it was very complicated and mostly understandable only by  professionals working in the company, not always easy to understand by potential clients.

My initial redesign was just showing the concept of reorganisation of information architecture model complemented by design closely referring to material design guidelines, but still having brand guidelines in mind.

Main goals of redesign project

  • user friendly structure of menus and submenus
  • similar experience across different devices
  • website loading time improvement
  • lower numbers of clicks needed to get to vital information
  • simple but modern layout but still within brand guidelines

In the end my project was among three shortlisted for further development, but finally different agency won the pitch.

*Images of wireframe are small, b&w and low fidelity on purpose.

Deeper analysis of a problem from UX point of view and detailed description of suggested solutions available on request.

Original design

Suggested layout incorporating functional solutions