Website for Di9ital, photography studio

Clean and simple website for Di9ital, studio offering professional pack shoot photography services in Bristol. The website was designed and developed on base of basic Twenty sixteen template  with “mobile first” approach in mind. The layout is minimalistic, focusing the attention on image samples. Contextual Instagram feed suppose to introduce the viewer with other projects Di9ital team does and share daily on social media.

The aim was to present different type of photographs, divided on the homepage in categories.

Image gallery view on desktop is supported by gallery plugin with masonry layout. Mobile version is based on core WP gallery, with full width images and visible titles. I’m working on editing build in WP gallery to recreate masonry layout, to use only one gallery for desktop and mobile. Solution with different galleries is temporary.

The fact that images in galleries are from different projects, aspect ratio of frames differs and traditional grid view do not look good as there is many white gaps, masonry layout is best one as is capable to build irregular grid. The main aim was to make image adding hustle free, without he need to edit images to achieve constant crop proportions and symetric grid.

Website is still in progress, when finished I will add the address.

Website is fully responsive. Top header is packed with quick contact (direct email and call now buttons) and social media icons. To make the website more personalized I added a phrase, which is the credo of the studio: “We don’t trust words. We trust pictures.”

Minimalist style was slightly decorated by gradient in headers background and colorful border.