Website for healthcare company

browsersClient: GE Healthcare Finnamore

Design by: Inca Creative
Company: Itchyfinger Ltd.
My position: Front-end developer
Coding languages: HTML, CSS, bit of PHP
Custom fonts: GE Inspira
My task was to code new website for GE Healthcare Finnamore, which is a part of GE Corporation and lately took over it’s wings new companies in UK.
The design was prepared by Inca Creative and assumed two different color ways and styling, one for main company and other for cooperating companies.
The design assumed about 20 subpages, but during the coding process it grown to about 33.
My main task was to code the design in responsive Joomla CMS. I did it on a base of template which I transformed with HTML, CSS and bit of PHP to suit Client needs and design.
Important part was to ensure proper functionality and Information Architecture as well for front-end as for back-end, to allow the client to update it.
The website was supposed to be like internet portal with updated articles, case studies, list of employees, with many additional modules which worked together.



Challanging part was to code advanced drop down menu for Services section

services menu

Another challange was to code working pinwheel with text appearing on hover. As Joomla do not accept JavaScript code in articles I had to make few tricks to make it work properly.


Case Study section with two search systems on a side CaseStudies


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