Website development for SBW Advertising

Working on a website for company you work for is quite a challenge. Nothing  is so deeply analysed as every image, graphic, margin or letter in a copy…

I developed the website working as full time Digital Developer for SBW Advertising on basis of the design created by comapny’s Art Director. During development process we’ve changed it in few sections to improve user experience and SEO.

Website is presenting company’s showcase with playful spark.

If you like to go straight to the website and have a look go to

If you prefer to read my short story about that, you’re more than welcome to scroll.

The core of the website is portfolio in Case Study style with well organised description of brief, solution and outcome paired with images of final products or designs for each project presented. Nice feature is a video play within a laptop screen. I developed it in html using Google Web Designer app.

caseStudy  projectPage

Now prepare to scroll… a lot…

About Us page is more like a story with company’s statement, work process description and team introduction.It’s long journey which shows important company values.

Keep scrolling!


We were playing with it’s  layout for desktop but had to calm things down for mobile version.

Yes I know it’s a lot of empty space here…

But believe me if I use full screen image here you will manage to fell asleep while scrolling.

But there’s no fireworks in the end, so if you want you can have a tea or go back to Portfolio page now. Unfortunately I cannot offer you a tea because of many reasons, but here you have a button to go back to Portfolio page.

But you can also scroll till the end, it’s not far now. On the bottom, before the footer you will find link to my previous project, therefore you can continue the journey through my projects.

If you’re tired with my stuff I totally understand, thanks for watching!

If you feel like you’d like to share your thoughts about the project, complain on my grammar or just write hi, feel free to do so.