UI/UX partial redesign for real estate company

I was asked to improve the website created for real estate company. The problem was with UI and UX, as the design assumed only basic blog-like property listings but after a while client decided to have more advanced system with typical for listings search, sort options and context marketing. Although important thing was that client wanted a system which he would be able to update easily.

There was not much time for development process. As the website was already build on basis of theme builder template, I decided to use one of WordPress listing plugin.
The trick was to find the one most suitable plugin for the job, and compatibil with the theme (what wasn’t easy).
I was working alongside with developer who builded up the website, so we could have share thoughts and collaborate to deliver the solution on time.
After the one was found and tested with

Next phase was to set up the plugin to fit the company listings (end) and to design and implement most pleasing layout (front).
In the end we populated listings with properties, tested the website and made it live.

As it was redesign process for third party client I prefer not to reveal it’s name, so decided to create visuals just to show the concept.

New Listings page

Oryginal design

New Property page