Layout design for new wallpaper’s collection online presentation

Together with Justyna Medon, head designer of Addicted to Patterns studio we were looking for the best way of presenting new wallpapers collection online.
We were bored with overuse of slider – you can find it almost on every interior designer’s website. We were looking for something bit more narrative with images as the focal point. As big fans of paper magazines we decided to go for editorial-like layout.
Irregular placement of images was balanced by text describing each photo.

Because wallpapers and images are colorful we used mostly solid darker colours, apart from one section where we decided to take advantage of web and use moving gradient what pull out playfulness of presented patterns.
Serif fonts in headers are adding elegant look what matches bespoke luxurious wallpapers which are the main hero of the website. Sans-serif text below is well readable and differs enough to balance the weight of block of text, which with serif font, same as in header, was too heavy.