I’m not a big fan of twitter, but from time to time I use it. Once I saw that Net Magazine asked a question “Web designers/devs! who’s got any interesting hobbies and/or pursuses activities away from the screen that can be feature in Beyond Pixels?”

I responded pretty quickly…
@mani_mess twitter

After a few minutes I received a massage (twitter is powerful!) that it sounds fantastic and they saw my portfolio and want to know more and perhaps I would like to write about that… Of course I would!

I love to write, so I had to limit myself not to write too much. Wasn’t easy! Second thing is, that English is not my first language and I still got some grammar issues… but anyway, they have to proofread it right?! Full of excitement I sent over the text and images. But I’ve been working in the magazine as well and I know, that fact that editors are asking you to write something doesn’t mean it will be published… It may be in few months, year or never… but in less than a month I’ve received the text to see and it was published in the next issue!

And this is how I appeared in my fav magazine talking about my second passion – hand screen printing, my passion which somehow brought me to Bristol… but this is different story 😉

If you’d like to know bit more about the magazine, have a look at Net Mag



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