Working as a web designer and developer I need to explain how web development works. Why some tasks needs to be done at first, why other shouldn’t be done in certain way. Suggest or dissuade.
I’ve learnt that the best way to explain things is by metaphors to everyday life.
This is why I decided to start series of posts : ”Web guide for civilians”

Web guide for CIVILIANS

Net Magazine feature

I'm not a big fan of twitter, but from time to time I use it. Once I saw that Net Magazine asked a question "Web designers/devs! who's got any interesting hobbies and/or pursuses activities away from the screen that can be feature in Beyond Pixels?" I responded pretty...

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Mani Swiatek

Hello I'm Mani
I am open for collaboration and new projects. If you are interested in my services or just would like to talk about designs or web development, UX, UI and things web related, write me.