Hello, I’m Mani

I’m digital designer with learning obsession.
I have experience in graphic and editorial design, what combined with my development knowledge helps in managing web projects. I’m the missing link between designers, developers and quite often clients as well. I’ve learned that best way to convince clients to certain design solutions which their company will benefit from is just to explain it in nice and understandable way. People say I have such an ability (even though English is not my mother language).

I pay attention to detail. Working on the website I think not only about information architecture, but also about the layout and typography and how it will change on various devices – I call it Layout choreography. I always try to pair images with text in a way that both will tell part of the story. I mostly work with “Content first” approach, as I believe, designing without content is just a decoration, not a design, because what makes the page interesting is the justifies relation between copy and images. Therefore I find my previous experience as an editor in publishing house very useful. I’ve learn there how images and text talk to each other and help to build the story.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the user journey. In the end the user is final client, the real consumer of the website, the one for whom the website is being created. Here quite helpful is my former education in social science and interest in cognitive science. I am trying to apply knowledge from various fields to create functional design.

The fact that Web technology is changing very fast pushes me to learn more about new solutions and how it impact User Experience – especially recently when many features gained wide browser support. I look for interesting concepts to design accessible websites which not only meet customer requirements, but also are helping them to reach their goals. It is good to have knowledge about new technologies, because it helps on a stage of designing to think about features which can be added to the website. Because web design is not only about the layout is also about relations between text, images and hierarchy of content.

I like challenges and constructive criticism. I can fight for my ideas and concepts, but also know when to stop and change the approach.

The most important

I believe that communication is the key. I know that Client asking for the website may not have the knowledge about importance of proper UI, UX, SEO, CMS and everything behind and I feel responsible to help him/her out to understand that proper brief will halp us to design solid website with proper functionalities.

I’m up to date with trends, but not to follow them blindly, just to know them and think about using this knowledge in a good way. I know that as a designer I should not only do “nice and pritty” things, but I have to do them in a wise way. To do it properly I have to think forward, not only as a designer, but as a potential “user” as well.

After hours

I am a co-funder of Addicted to Patterns creative studio and I find this part of my life like something between work and passion.

Addicted to patterns is a bespoke hand screen printing studio, specialised in wallpapers and textiles. I run it with my partner. She is main pattern designer and screen printer and I’m responsible for taking photographs of our new products, maintainigng and updating our website and preparing every kind of catalogues or leaflets.

Web design and development skills

  • UX/UI 85%
  • HTML and CSS 70%
  • WordPress 80%
  • Joomla! 60%
  • PHP and JavaScript 20%
  • SEO 60%
  • Newsletter design and development 75%
  • HTML5 banner design 65%

Graphic design skills

  • Photoshop 90%
  • Illustrator 65%
  • InDesign 50%
  • Design for print 70%
  • Design for digital 80%
  • Photography 90%