Hello, I’m Mani

I’m a UX consultand and digital designer with learning obsession.
When I was younger I wanted to be police negotiator…
I am not, but I still believe that the idea of helping people is still the force empovering me to do my job best I can, but bit differently than I thought.

After 7 months at Dyson, where I was working on their website, designing a section about Corporate Social Responsibility, I left to start a new amazing adventure.
Since July 2017 I work for Bristol City Council as a UX Designer and Web Editor.
I work on interesting stuff and started to share my passion and experience on my Medium profile.

Digital design is my true passion. Ability to solve various problems by arranging information architecture, to provide best user experience and translating ideas into visual language, is what truly fascinates me.

During my professional career I had different positions – web designer, web developer, digital designer or developer, creative artworker etc. Those were in theory different roles, but with same principles of design thinking process and need to translate concepts into real life projects. I have the experience of being involved into whole life cycle of the project from early brainstorm to wireframe design, ideas execution and production what gave me a great understanding of various opportunities and constrains which I might meet on the way.

I like challenges and constructive criticism. I can fight for my ideas and concepts, but also know when to stop and change the approach.

The most important

My background in graphic design, photography and editorial work paired with my education in a mix of psychology and social science learned me how to lead user’s eye and take them for the travel we’re up for. But at the same time it learned me how to be empathetic and pay attention to ethical aspects of my work. I’m always trying to be the user’s advocate, to make their trip most pleasant and delightful but without compromising on the usability. I pay attention to accessibility, (avoiding) dark patterns and trying to predict potential problems which user may face during their journey and come up with best ideas to fight them by engaging design.
I pay attention to detail. Working on the website I think not only about information architecture, but also about the layout and typography and how it will change on various devices – I call it layout choreography. I always try to pair images with text in a way that both will tell part of the story complementing each other. I mostly work with “Content first” approach, as I believe, designing without content is just a decoration and lack of ability to tailor visual message with the one which is in the text do not let the website do it’s job – work for the business.

After hours

I am a co-funder of Addicted to Patterns creative studio and I find this part of my life like something between work and passion.

Addicted to patterns is a studio specialized in bespoke pattern design and hand screen printed wallpapers and textiles. I run it with my partner. She is head of design and silk screen master. My piece is digital world and photography.

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